Too many professionals  like yourself struggle to come to terms with how their lives have turned out. Even if you got some “jackpot moments” such as the house, the partner, the children, you might still be feeling strangely unfulfilled, and like something really important is missing.

You have loved focusing on your career, your relationship and maybe even your children, but now you feel ready to explore, uncover and unpack those inner depths of yourself.

The only problem is, you don't know how or where to start.


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"Don’t let Maureen’s calm demeanour fool you. Behind the façade is a powerful and talented coach and mentor. I have watched her grow into one of the most encouraging and proficient coaches in the mindset arena. Her power actually resides in her calm stillness. She carefully takes her clients by the hand and helps them discover their own inner power and strengths. Maureen is phenomenal!"

Jamie Smart

Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach


"Maureen is one of those unique forces of nature – calm, powerful and courageous. She brings her own dreams into reality and does the same for her clients. If you are seeking someone to stand with you in your life whilst you uncover who you truly are at your very core, then Maureen is your woman! Her calming voice will guide you to reveal the true you, your inner diamond."


TV Presenter, author, business mentor


"Working with Maureen was fantastic. She always gives me new perspectives and just the right challenge to help me make my next step. As a startup business it was great to have a coach who could help me take a step back and breathe. I'm a devotee of her retreats too - just perfect for stepping out of the day today and rebalancing."

Cate Caruth


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James Lavers

"If you find yourself at a major turning point in your life and are struggling with some major decisions...get Maureen.

The threat of living a life that you haven't fully chosen...the terror of a life unfulfilled, or worse, living somebody else's life is a big topic. It's an important one. Nobody wants to get to the end of their life and find they were just acting out somebody else's ideas of what they should've been. I can't think of anyone better equipped to handle this size of conversation than Maureen.

Seriously there is nobody better to help women who've reached a cross-roads later in life, than her. Period."

James Lavers
Speaker & Guide

Farhanah Mahmood

Maureen is one of the best coaches in her field. Working with her will lead to ripple life changing effects throughout your life. Her clarity and gentle accountability has allowed me to become fitter, become more present as I am now furthering my training and looking to grow in my field all while confidently taking on challenges of being a new mother. This has allowed me to find a part of myself that I can always use to learn and grow from. She is the go-to coach who will help you discover your true and unlimited potential Having Maureen as you coach will, simply put, will change your life. Highly recommended !!!

Rebecca Barlow

"I first had the pleasure of meeting Maureen on a “Powerful Women’s Immersion” hosted by Ankush Jain. Over the 3 days I felt an enormous pull towards this powerful lady in purple. Towards the end of the 3 days I told her “I think you’re amazing, there’s something about you that I’m drawn to. And when I get my new job and I’m earning more money, I will be in touch with you for some coaching”. I did just that. I’m so glad I followed my intuition. Every conversation we had was truly insightful. Maureen has such a beautiful way of articulating her words that are truly effective and impactful if you are willing to take a journey with her. I would encourage you to do so, it’s quite a trip. Rebecca Barlow."

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Is lack of trust holding you back?

Trust is an integral part of being human, and being aware of it in all scenarios, including trusting yourself when faced with life's many challenges and decisions is key.

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