Here’s exactly how to spread your wings and be done with the boring, tiresome aspect of your "perfect" life...


(...without losing your sanity but gaining peace of mind and a life you will love.)


Hi Gorgeous, 

This may seem a little weird, especially since we may not even know each other very well.

But I’ve got to tell you.


This is a (sort of) LOVE LETTER I’ve written for you. 


Now, I know this early on in the letter you might be thinking “OK, that’s a little strange”, but if you’ll stay with me, I’m going to show you EXACTLY why this might be the most important letter you read this year. 

But, in order for this letter to work. 

I have to be straight with you. 

I’ve got to be really honest and perhaps even a little blunt with you if that’s ok? 

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this sentence, you’ve decided to hear me out and see for yourself just how important it is.

So let’s start now. 



...I KNOW you’re holding onto a big painful secret about your life. 


A secret that you don’t want anyone else to know about. 

Least of all those people closest to you. 

  • Your husband (if you’re married)
  • Your kids. (If you have them)
  • Your boss…or…
  • …your staff (if you run a business)

And maybe even

  • Your closest friends. 

I KNOW you have this secret...

...because it’s a secret that I once held onto…and kept from everyone, even my darling husband. 

And it’s this…

…are you ready for it?

OK. Here goes.


You’re BORED and exhausted. 



I get it…’re “happy enough”. 

  • If you’re working…my guess is you’re pretty damn good at what you do.
  • If you’re married or in a committed relationship…my guess is its ticking along just fine. 



Everything’s FINE. 


But you don’t want fine. 

You know it. I know it. 

And here’s how I know it. 

It’s not because I’m “so smart”

It’s not even because I’ve been coaching people to connect to who they REALLY are and create a life of their real dreams, starting as far back as 1994.  

I know it because I’ve been exactly where you are now.


And when I finally freed myself from my small, repetitive and contained life, I SWORE an oath to myself that I would help women just like YOU to spread their wings and shed the layers of labels and fake status we sweat and struggle to acquire…


…all in a vain effort to prove to ourselves and everyone around us just how worthy we are. 

But it’s exhausting, isn’t it?

And life can become boring.

Even if, on the outside, it looks ideal or perfect.

That was how it was with Jenny.

She came to me with this “perfect” life…when you lifted the veil, all was not great in her world. 

She felt she had to be the perfect mother and be all things to her daughter (who was undergoing her own challenges). 

I got her back to being fully present in her own world. 

She was so caught up in this fixation with the status she was trying to maintain…of being perfect and having this idealised life. 

She had her own business that was a status symbol rather than something that was lighting her up. 

Maintaining the status of the business meant she was disconnected from her husband and kids. 

“If I JUST get all these things then my world will be perfect.” 

She would tell me the relationships had become distant…and then she’d go over the top to try and make it up, but it wasn’t what they needed…they needed her to be present. 

Pointing her back to her own self-love

Connecting with herself. 

But she was:

  • Out of touch with being able to connect to herself that she wasn’t able to be there for anyone else. 
  • Thinking she was 100% responsible for everything and everyone in her life. 
  • Exhausted. She had so much negative chatter going on in her head.
  • Wanting a calmer life, a life where everyone was truly connected and one where she felt fulfilled each and every day.

My client knew she had to let go of the idea of perfection and step into a more fulfilling and meaningful way of being in the world. 

And she was more than aware that the status of having the business was draining her energy. It was time to reshape it or let it go. No use holding onto it just for the sake of appearances.

During our sessions, I showed her that she was in control.

She could make powerful choices that would turn her life the right way up again.

Jenny’s not the only one of my clients who have been able to find their "Inner Diamond", (that's what I call the experience of finding that precious part of yourself).

Read these stories of other women just like you:


“It was a terrific experience working with Maureen York, as she had a confident, encouraging, and inspiring way about her. I felt she really listened intently and with purpose; that she really “got” the issues I was in need of focusing on. It was in the abundance of words I shared and have them spoken back to me (in a condensed version!) with a clear and pointed succinctness that helped me zero in on the “real matter at hand”

Naomi Durkin, New York, USA


“Maureen is a caring, sensitive and highly professional coach who has been helping change lives for over 15 years in a higher education/training environment. Through The Breathing Space she now brings her passion for helping others into a dedicated coaching practice combining life coaching and raw food coaching to help the busy and overwhelmed to once again breathe, thrive and grow. I have known Maureen since 2006 and can highly recommend her for her methodical, calm, compassionate and can-do attitude. No matter where you are at in life, Maureen can help you make the changes that are right for you, and help you to once again breathe, relax and feel more joyful as you bring the breathing space back into YOUR world.” 

 Karen Knowler 



“Over the very short time of only three sessions, Maureen helped me find the strength within to conquer my internal barriers to then courageously address and deal with my external obstacles. This turned my stress filled, worried centred, tired, unproductive, unfulfilling existence into a life rich in challenge and opportunities. She helped me rediscover my APPETITE FOR LIFE. My life now has more meaning and direction, and my ambition, motivation and drive has been reignited as I’m actively moving forward towards my dreams. With all this came a wonderful sense or release and freedom and my energy levels soared as a consequence. In fact I now have enough energy to power a small island! Throughout the storms she offered an umbrella and helped me see the sunshine once more. I’ll be definitely coming back for shelter when the rain clouds loom above again. Till then I’m basking in the sunshine and that’s all thanks to the calm coach – Maureen."

Rachel Green - Appetite for Life, Felixstowe, UK



With each and every one of these remarkable and gorgeous women I’m not doing anything to them or adding-in anything they don’t already have. 


It’s a beautiful process of them gently finding themselves…

...finding that inner diamond.

Even if it’s currently hidden under tonnes of dirt! 


This process is about letting go.


  • Letting go of labels
  • Letting go of false status 
  • Letting go of the numbness. 
  • Embracing a life you REALLY want. 


I remember when this happened to me… 


I was working at Oxford University… was 2007 and I found I had itchy feet.

I signed up for a weekend training programme about raw food and I had a coaching session.

The veil was lifted!

The haze I’d been living in started to lift and open up potential…

...I could see there was more to life than the life I was living.

I had proven to myself that I can setup graduate training centres and that I can manage a team. 

I could manage the multi million budget.

I could stand up and talk about how to set them up from scratch. 

I was the expert. 


…I was BORED. 

I felt numb, it was like I was getting no satisfaction out of anything I was doing. 

The things that were bringing me most satisfaction were the things away from the day to day. 

I needed something new and inspiring to get me reinvigorated. 

I was always accountable to someone else. 

I wanted something that was just MINE. 

5 years of doing it and getting the t-shirt 

It slowly crept up on me, but I was champing at the bit for something new and adventurous. 

The coach got me to unpack what I do.

It became clear to me that the most exciting part of my job was actually talking and supporting and coaching the students!

But I hadn’t realised it.

It dawned on me that I’d been coaching since 1994!

This was a revelation.

My heart started to beat a little faster, I was thinking how can I do more of this bit and leave the rest behind.

So, by the end of the weekend I was feeling really inspired.

I got this dream…back in July 2007 of running coaching retreats.

It was an expansive feeling and exciting layers of possibilities. 

I’d felt very contained and small. 

I needed to spread my wings. 

I trained to become a raw food and transformational coach…

…I left the university in 2008.

 And all of this is exactly why I created my 1-month Inner Diamond VIP experience. 


You're invited to join me inside this magical and deeply revealing journey back to yourself. 


So, let me tell you about how you can come and join me to spread your wings fully and face life authentically and boldly. 

In this month-long 1-1 programme, we gently uncover the true version of you. The “YOU” at your inner core. Your Inner Diamond.


Together, we commence the removal of all the unhelpful labels that you have acquired over the years and begin to create a new, more authentic version of you. The version of you that has been hidden from the world.


Over our month-long adventure together you will have direct access to me through a combination of 1-1 sessions plus 24/7 WhatsApp access if you ever need to contact me in between sessions.


At the end of our time together you will:


  •  Have a whole new way of being in the world.
  •  Have removed the outer packaging that has kept you hidden and small.
  •  Be ready to step out into life feeling more authentic, bold and courageous than ever before.
  •  Feel more alive, more connected to the real you, to your “inner diamond” than you ever thought was possible.
  •  Have released all the old and unhelpful labels that you have acquired, and uncovering your inner essence, your “inner diamond”, will totally transform your life.
  •  Feel more authentic, bold and courageous than ever before.
  •  Feel more alive than you have felt in a very long time. You will feel inspired and filled with possibilities for the new more exciting future that now stretches out before you.
  •  Remove all the old labels, status symbols and things that you thought you needed to create your “perfect life”,
  •  Uncover what truly matters to you and what will bring you real happiness.


Here’s exactly what this means in real world terms for you:

Work – you will be more confident in decision making; feel more able to make important decisions with clarity; feel more emboldened to stand out in the workplace: and people will notice and respect the change in you

Relationship – you will feel more connected to your partner; feel more like it is an equal relationship; finally feel like you are being heard; and moreover, you will feel like you are seeing your relationship anew, through a new lens and it will feel fabulous

Health – you will feel ready and able to take ownership of your health; feel empowered to make (and keep) the appointments you have been avoiding; and start to take incremental steps towards a healthier and more vibrant you


If you have gotten this far and are interested in joining this programme, then you are definitely someone that I would love to speak to. However, as with all things, I cannot be 100% sure that this is the right programme for you. 

So, to be absolutely sure this is a good fit for you, I just need to ask you 4 or 5 special questions in person

Even if this isn’t the right thing for you right now, I promise you that the questions will be massively helpful to you.

Use the button below and let's talk :)


Ask me the questions Maureen



“Great! This 6-session series has clearly shown me how helpful and constructive it can be to work on a regular basis with a life coach. It has helped me clarify my goals in a reasonable manner, while being able to sound my worries and concerns off to someone who listens with empathy and a serious commitment to helping out.

Maureen York has proved to be very effective in providing valuable support. She is caring, considerate, providing great empathy and understanding, resulting in making problems, challenges and concerns suddenly appear totally manageable. By providing tips and added focus, Maureen helped me enhance my clarity of mind, take a step back from all the confusion and start developing a positive mental attitude. I would recommend her highly and will certainly work with her again in the future.”

 Amy Webster - Simply Raw, Switzerland


“Maureen's coaching really helped me to de-stress and feel more in control of my work/life balance.  Her calm and supportive manner allowed me to move forward in a more peaceful state of mind.  Thank you!”

Saskia Fraser - Raw Freedom, Bristol, UK


“Maureen’s coaching has really helped me to regain my confidence so I can move ahead in my life and make changes that will move me much closer to the life I really want to live.”

Christine Iishin Horner - BareFoot Raw, Sheffield



If you already have a complete “HELL YES” feeling about this programme, and  you are 100% committed to joining me on this month of exploration, and you want to guarantee your space while spots remain, then let’s do this! Use the button below to secure your spot and then I'll be in touch to arrange a time to talk. 

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Let's do this Maureen