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Your Inner Diamond

Nov 14, 2023

What is your "Inner Diamond"?

Your Inner Diamond is the authentic part of you that you tend to keep hidden from the world.  That bit of you that if only you were bold enough, or courageous enough to share with the world that would change everything in your life. it is that place within you that you keep your deepest desires and wishes.

When you uncover Your Inner Diamond you become the most authentic version of you and from this place life seems effortless as you are showing up in the world brighter, bolder and in full technicolour..

Why the need to find and uncover your Inner Diamond?

You are a successful woman – you have a great job; you have a fabulous husband; you have a loving family; you have a wonderful house; you have a great car BUT something is missing!

And yet, if you only knew that the “missing piece” was nothing that money could buy, and nothing that it was deep within you all the time.

Your Inner Diamond is your most authentic self – your inner essence, your spirit or your soul. That perfect part of you that you keep hidden from the world in case you are judged or found out to be a fraud.

It is this very part of you that the world is desperate to see…

Together we uncover and unwrap this amazing gift that you have hidden within you. One layer at a time, a bit like unwrapping the special gift a bit like in the children's party game "pass the parcel", only this time, you are the only player and therefore the gift is your Inner Diamond to unwrap... 

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